Heidal Rafting have rafting for everybody, from the 7 year old to the experienced rafter. With a broad variety of different rafting trips we are able to deliver the one that suits you. Rafting is a fun, exiting activity that also is safe.


Guided raftingtour for the entire family, and a super opportunity to do something together!

Price per person: NOK 815

Whitewater rafting daytrip in Sjoa

The tour that has made rafting known, and popular in Norway.

Price per person: NOK 1335

Afternoon trip rafting in Sjoa through Heidal

A shorter version of the daytrip on the middle part of Sjoa.

Price per person: NOK 950

Day trip in Sjoa through the Åseng-canyon

This is an even bigger challenge and nature experience than the tour through Heidal

Price per person: NOK 1640

Day trip rafting in Sjoa through the Åmodt-falls

This one is a real kick! Norway’s most challenging rafting tour takes place in the lowest part of Sjoa and is suitable for people who have rafted several times before.

Price per person: NOK 1855


Our skilled guides give you a short introduction before you try your luck on a selected part of the river

Price per person: NOK 1390

Guide course – Rafting in Sjoa

Heidal Rafting offers guide courses in rafting. You will get 5 full days of intense activity, in which you will learn to master the river

Price per person: from 6990,-



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**Children below the age of 7 should not raft.
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