Class trip in Sjoa

Many school classes are looking for a special event to mark the beginning or end of a period, and especially something exciting that will stick. Furthermore, it should be a somewhat budget-friendly experience, and we have a few suggestions that might work.


  • Rafting in Sjoa
  • 1 x night in lavvu or 4- bedded rooms
  • 1 x breakfast
  • From NOK 1060 per person


  • 2 activities
  • 2 x nights in lavvu or 4- bedded rooms
  • 2 x breakfast, 2 x lunch, 1 x dinner
  • From NOK 2480 per person


  • 2 activities
  • 2 x nights in lavvu or 4- bedded rooms
  • 2 x breakfast, 2 x lunch, 1 x dinner
  • From NOK 2480 per person

10 tips for a successful school trip to Sjoa

Plan well: Make sure to create a good plan for your school trip, including activities, accommodation, transportation, and meals. We offer pre-made packages, but we can also customize them for your group. Ask us for advice and tips to make your trip a success.

Choose the right time: Choose a time of year that works for your school or class trip and the activities you want to do. We have a wide range of tours and activities guaranteed to suit your needs and schedule.

Book early: School trips to Sjoa are popular and can fill up quickly, especially before and after school holidays. Contact us in advance before planning your trip to ensure you get the program you want. We will always try to accommodate even on short notice.

Have adequate equipment: Make sure everyone participating in the school trip has the appropriate equipment. If you choose to stay in a lavvu, you will need to bring your own sleeping bags and mats. If you choose indoor accommodations, we provide bed linens. Most municipalities in Norway lend out equipment. We provide all necessary safety equipment for activities.

Check the weather forecast: An otherwise great school trip can quickly be ruined if participants are not dressed appropriately. A famous Norwegian saying “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”.

Safety: Safety is our top priority. Always follow the instructions from trip leader and guides.

Communication: Keep parents and students informed about the school trip and make sure they have all necessary information. One teacher or parent in charge should be in contact with us, and pass on information to students and their parents.

Clear rules: Establish clear rules and expectations for the students before the trip so that everyone knows what is expected of them. With a little discipline, the school trip will be so much more enjoyable and better for everyone.

Take pictures and create memories: Take pictures and encourage students to create their own memories from the trip. Several of our helmets have GoPro mounts, so if anyone has an action camera, feel free to bring it along. On request, our photographers take pictures of the activities.

Have fun!: A school trip to Sjoa is fun. Give the students freedom and the opportunity to encourage and support each other.



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**Children below the age of 7 should not raft.
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