Rope activities

Bridge swing

What better way to enjoy a bridge over a river than by swinging beneath it? Our bridge swing has you strapped to a climbing rope, in a climbing harness and wearing a helmet. You will launch yourself off the bridge at an angle and rush towards the water surface before you complete the arc and swing back and forth with butterflies in your stomach, until it all calms down and you are pulled up to the bridge again.

The bridge pendulum is an activity taking you past your limits, and many of our guests feel they have grown as a person once it is over. It is the perfect addition to a rafting trip, for that final kick of adrenaline, or an activity in its own right, in a bigger setting.

Price: NOK 300,- per jump.

Tyrolean traverse

Just a short walk from our base, we have a rope system set up across a canyon in Sjoa, right over the Åmodt-falls. Referred to as a Tyrolean Traverse (passing on a taut rope across an open space), this system uses gravity and the angle of the rope to allow you to slide from one side to another while the river streams majestically beneath you. The Tyrolean Traverse is a “kinder” activity than the bridge pendulum but is still both exposed and exciting.

The Tyrolean traverse is a perfect addition to a rafting excursion, or it can be its own activity in a bigger setting.

Price: On request.

Climbing / rappelling

There is a small, but pretty climbing wall close to our base, where our guides provide guests with instruction into basic rock climbing and rappelling. This is a very accessible activity that everyone can enjoy and master.

A climbing/rappelling session is the perfect addition to a rafting excursion, or it can be its own activity in a bigger setting.

Price: NOK 350,- per person / min. 2 pers.  290,– per person from 6 people and more



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