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Embark on an exhilarating adventure with Via Ferrata, now available right behind our base at Sjoa. Wearing a helmet, harness, and sling, you can ascend the vertical route towards Slåfjellet, enjoying breathtaking views of Sjoa and the surrounding mountains. The climax of the route features a 30-meter-long balance bridge over a gorge, with a sheer drop of 150 meters. While this bridge is optional, its crossing offers an adrenaline-pumping challenge. Our Via Ferrata route provides a spectacular climbing trail, emphasizing the beauty of nature, panoramic vistas, and a profound sense of achievement.

*Guided trips meeting at: (08.45 on request and busy days)   –   11.45   –   15.45
*Minimum 40 kg and 10 years  / Maximum 120 kg

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  • Join us on a guided tour in our spectaculat climbing trail. Our experienced guides will give you the necessary training before the group starts climbing.
  • Age limit: 10+
  • Price: from NOK 1010 per person


  • You can rent equipment and pay a fee to use the Via Ferrata after 4 pm. You need to be familiar with harnesses and the equipment being used. If it is your first time, we recommend that you use a guide. Climbing at your own risk and always minimum 2 climbers. Included in price is equipment rental and climbing fee.
  • Age limit: 12+
  • Price: NOK 690 per person


  • If you have your own equipment and experience you may use the Via Ferrata after 4 pm. Climbing at your own risk and always minimum 2 climbers.
  • Age limit: 12+
  • Price: NOK 390 per person

The term Via Ferrata is Italian and translates to “Iron Road” in English. Regardless of the name, Via Ferrata is an activity where rock climbing has been made accessible to many more people. Our Via Ferrata in Sjoa is set up by experienced mountain climbers, with steps, anchors and steel cables, all of the highest quality of stainless steel.

The practice of Via Ferrata originated in Italy, specifically in the Dolomites, during World War I. Soldiers used fixed cables, ladders, and other installations to cross difficult mountain terrain efficiently and safely. Since then, it has been discovered as an excellent leisure activity where with limited knowledge and skills, one can experience climbing in the mountains.

Sjoa Via Ferrata is a moderately difficult route. The wall to be climbed is approximately 250 meters long, distributed over approximately 200 meters of altitude. In other words, it is relatively steep but without overhangs and with plenty of steps. In some places, there are intentionally few steps so that climbers can use the mountain as much as possible. At the top, a fantastic view of Sjoa and Gudbrandsdalen awaits. After a short break, those who want to, and dare, can try a small narrow balance bridge we have set up over a gorge. So much fun!

What makes Sjoa Via Ferrata unique is the short transportation distance and easy accessibility. On a guided tour, you will meet at our base in Sjoa, just 2 km from the E6 (main road). Already at base, you will see the mountain wall, with the climbing route towering over the terrain. The group will be provided with equipment and a short introduction before we drive you (almost) all the way up to where the actual climbing begins. A guided tour with us takes between three and four hours from meeting at base to departure. From the top of our Via Ferrata, there is a path and gravel road all the way down to the base.
We provide all necessary safety equipment (helmet, climbing harness, and shock-absorbing slings). On a guided tour, we always use a minimum of two guides for safety reasons.

Experienced climbers are welcome to try our Via Ferrata on their own, with their own equipment or rented from us. Contact us and come to the reception for registration and payment. This also avoids meeting a guided tour halfway up the wall. We remind you that it is prohibited and a very bad idea to climb alone. You must be at least two climbers.



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