Canyoning in Sjoa

Canyoning is a multi-faceted activity that involves making your way through a wet or dry canyon and, depending on the terrain having the chance to swim, rappel, scramble, climb and jump to cover the distance from canyon entry to exit.


Canyoning is suitable for anyone who is in generally good health and fitness. All participants must be able to swim in certain types of canyoning. Children must be accompanied by parents/a person in charge.

Qualified guides
Wetsuit with jacket, helmet and life jacket
Hot and cold drinks

Wool or thermals to wear underneath the wetsuit
Wool socks, a pair of jogging shoes
Towel and toiletry bag

Your safety is our first priority. For this reason we follow good safety routines, employ well-qualified guides and use highly rated equipment.

Play & Fun

This activity takes place in Veo Canyon in Sjodalen. It is an excursion with minimal hiking and a focus on exciting individual activities such as zip-lining, jumping and swimming in the rapids. Due to the logistics, participants may themselves be responsible for transport to the canyon.

Price: NOK 1190,- per person
Age limit: 12+
Duration: Approximately 5 h


This is a challenging excursion, where we make our way down the back of Mæhlumsåa between Otta and Sjoa. It is a classic canyoning excursion featuring high rappels (abseils) at 20 and 30 metres. Towards the top you will discover a fantastic view over Gudbrandsdalen, before we finish off with a dramatic 65-metre rappel down a waterfall.

Price: NOK 1855 per person
Age limit: 16+
Duration: Approximately 5 h


We have found that children love experiencing the diverse environment of the river, and canyoning is an excellent way to explore its wonderland of natural features like rocky descents, waterfalls and rapids. Our experienced guides provide expert advice, tips on scrambling technique and ropes to lead you down the canyon in a safe and enjoyable way.

Price: NOK 985,- per person
Age Limit: 10+
Duration: Approximately 4 h

Canyoning, also known as gorge walking, is an activity where one uses various techniques to make their way down a canyon. Canyoning can be done in both dry and wet canyons, but all of our tours are conducted in wet canyons.

Heidal Rafting offers a wide variety of different and varied canyon tours in the area around Sjoa. We distinguish between “classic canyoning” and water-based canyoning. Classic canyoning usually has little water, is often steep and technical, and involves the use of ropes and harnesses. We do not use life jackets in this type of canyons. Water-based canyoning is somewhat flatter and typically takes place in small rivers with large, deep natural pools. These canyon tours do not focus as much on ropes and rappelling, but more on jumping, natural slides, and swimming through small rapids.

Our family tour is “classic canyoning” with ropes and rappells. The excursion takes place in “Mettejuvet” in Heidal, just a few minutes from our base in Sjoa. Wearing a wetsuit, climbing harness, and helmet, we make our way down narrow and inaccessible streambeds. Family canyoning in Sjoa is fun for the whole family.

The extreme canyon takes place in Mæhlumsåa, a stream on the backside between Sjoa and Otta. This is a classic canyoning tour where participants get to try Norway’s highest canyon rappel, a whopping 65 meters high! The tour is not particularly technically demanding, but participants must not suffer from fear of heights.

Play & Fun is of a different character. The canyon tour takes place up in the mountains in the Veo river in Sjodalen. Alternatively, Tesse is used. Both are about 35 minutes by car from our base in Sjoa. There is not as much focus on ropes and rappelling, but more on swimming. We swim, jump, walk and slide down the river. We also set up a zip-line over the canyon. Play & Fun is a bit like nature’s own water park! The great thing about this tour is that you can easily bypass any elements that you do not want to do.

Canyoning originated in Europe about 60 years ago. Exactly where is a bit difficult to say, but canyoning has long been very popular in the Alps and Pyrenees. Canyoning was first introduced in Norway in the 1980s and can now be tried in several places around the country. Canyoning with Heidal Rafting in Sjoa is a memorable and fun experience, no matter which tour you and your group choose. Our canyon guides have extensive experience, and several have also competed in competitions abroad.
Heidal Rafting’s canyon tours are based on many years of experience, exploration, and preparation of new canyons to ensure a varied, fun, and safe experience in Sjoa. Canyoning season runs from May to September, but since this is an activity where we spend most of the time in the water, we recommend this activity in June, July and August.



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