Pack your bags, gather your crew, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime – because the best trips are the ones you take with your friends. Embarking on trips with friends isn’t just about exploring new places – it’s about forging unforgettable memories together. With each adventure, bonds strengthen and stories are born. Here is an idea for a package deal that will work for both those who are a little more cautious at the beginning and those that are looking for something rather wild.

Send us an inquiry and tell us how many of you there are, maybe your budget, and we will work out a deal that suits you. Below you’ll find suggestions for package deals, but you can also tailor your own program.

Rafting in Sjoa

  • Daytrip Rafting in Sjoa, our flagship excursion.
  • Age limit: 15+
  • From: NOK 2440 per person

Rafting Heidal & Åsengjuvet

  • Daytrip Rafting Åsengjuvet and Playrun Sjoa
  • Age limit: 18+
  • From: NOK 4150 per person

Rafting & Via Ferrata

  • Mountains & Water
  • Age limit: 15+
  • From NOK 3620 per person

Rafting & Riverboard

  • Two wet and wild experiences
  • Age limit: 15+
  • From 4070 per person


  • Rafting, riverboard, bridge swing & extreme canyoning
  • Age limit: 16+
  • From NOK 6090 per person

Rafting in Sjoa 1-2-3

Welcome to Sjoa, your ultimate destination for adventure and relaxation! Nestled amidst breathtaking natural beauty, Sjoa offers an unforgettable experience for those seeking thrills and tranquility alike.

With our all-inclusive packages, everything you need for a perfect getaway is conveniently located right here. From cozy accommodations to delicious meals, we’ve got you covered so you can focus on unwinding and making the most of your holiday. Say goodbye to stress and hello to pure relaxation as you immerse yourself in the serene surroundings of Sjoa.

But that’s not all – Sjoa is also a playground for adrenaline junkies! Get your heart racing with exhilarating activities such as white water rafting in the famous Sjoa River. Feel the rush as you navigate through thrilling rapids and stunning landscapes, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Looking for more adventure? Explore the rugged terrain of Sjoa with canyoning, where you’ll rappel down waterfalls and plunge into crystal-clear pools. Or why not try riverboarding, where you’ll ride the waves headfirst, feeling the power of the river beneath you.

For those craving a unique challenge, don’t miss our spectacular Via Ferrata experience. Climb high above the valley floor, clinging to iron rungs and steel cables as you soak in panoramic views of the stunning Norwegian wilderness.

Whether you’re seeking pulse-pounding excitement or peaceful serenity, Sjoa has something for everyone. So why wait? Come and experience the magic of Sjoa for yourself – adventure awaits!



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**Children below the age of 7 should not raft.
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