Whitewater rafting daytrip in Sjoa

This is our flagship excursion on the section of river that put Norway on the international rafting map.

The Sjoa is known for being one of the best whitewater rafting rivers in Europe and this is the trip that made it famous. This excursion takes you on clean, crystal-clear blue water, through stunning deep gorges and big waves, for one of the most enjoyable and memorable rafting trips available anywhere in the world.

The classic daytrip is suitable for everyone, from adrenaline junkies who want to experience the most challenging lines, to those who just want to relax and enjoy the scenery – and everything in between. Different water levels change the experience of the trip. Higher water brings big waves and lower levels require more technical rafting. Our experienced guides are adept at ensuring your safety and a lot of fun and excitement as they expertly navigate the rapids.

At the halfway mark, we stop on the riverbank to enjoy a lunch of warm food, salad and bread. There we also light a campfire and make coffee before taking on the last part of Sjoa. When the water level is appropriately low, we finish the excursion with the famous “Washing Machine” rapid.

Back at basecamp, guests enjoy a hot shower and change of clothes before tea, coffee and juice is served in the BBQ house. Then we gather around a big screen while our photographer shares the action photos taken on the excursion so you can reflect on the adventure from a different perspective.

PLEASE NOTE: All participants on this trip are required to be able to swim.

NOK 1335 per person (lunch included) / 15+

From 10:00 to approximately 15:00.

Qualified guides
Wetsuit and water shoes, helmet and life jacket
Lunch midway, and refreshments after the excursion

Wool or thermal underwear to wear underneath the wetsuit
Wool socks
Towel and toiletry bag

Your safety is our first priority. For this reason we follow good safety routines, employ well-qualified guides and use highly rated equipment.

Sjoa river

No rafting trip defines Sjoa better than the day trip in Sjoa on the middle section. Here you get to experience rafting in Sjoa at its best, and the trip offers something whether there is a lot of water or low water levels. This is exactly what makes this rafting trip so unique! A steady supply of meltwater ensures that the trip can be carried out even during long periods of dry weather. However, if it should rain a lot, do not despair; this rafting trip can handle a lot of water too. Rafting in Sjoa through Heidal begins at the top of Heidal. Already from the first paddle stroke out of the eddy, we encounter the first wave train, and you will feel the power of Sjoa from the very beginning. After the first rapid, among fun waves, rocks and eddies, we use the time to train and sharpen paddle techniques and commands. A synchronized boat is a fun boat! Further down, the Sjoa river enters a gorge, and here waves and rapids come in succession. There are also many nice places along the river where the trip can stop and surf on waves, where we stop depends on the water level.
In the middle of the gorge, we stop at our lunch spot for a well-deserved break. Here we serve hot stew, salad, and bread. We also light a fire and serve coffee, tea, and juice. After lunch, the adventure continues down the river. The landscape then opens up more and the river becomes wider, but do not despair, there is still plenty of fun left. Depending on the water level, the trip ends either at Storødegårds bridge, or in low water through the famous “Washing Machine” rapid, before the trip ends at the national center for river sports.
A trip with Heidal Rafting in Sjoa includes all the rapifun main rapids such as: The Gulf Stream, Haystacks, The Chocolate Gorge, The Bend, Beer Machine, ByeByeBaby, Jølgen, Faukstad, Seven Sisters, Irish-Trash-Can, Pump House, and at lower water levels, the legendary Washing Machine. The trip is perfectly composed with action from the very first paddle stroke.



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