Are you looking for ways to keep your kids active and engaged during summer break? Look no further! Heidal Rafting in Sjoa offers family tours that work for most families. We pay special consideration to families’ needs in comparison to tours for other groups. A family tour at Heidal Rafting is fun for the whole family – naturally with all the necessary safety instructions so that safety will be top. A family tour pays attention to the wide age gap within families and adjusts the activities to a level that will allow everyone to take part. With everything situated in one place here at Sjoa, you can take it easy and truly enjoy the holiday experience.

Our 2-days family packages includes:
2 x activities   –   2 x nights in a family hut with private bathroom   –   2 x breakfast buffet   –   2 x lunch/lunchbox   –   1 x 3-course dinner

Our camping packages includes:
1 x activity  –  1 x breakfast buffet  –  1 x 3- course dinner  –  One night camping in tipi-tents. You need to bring your own sleeping mat and sleeping bag

Scroll down for photos and more information on each activitiy.


  • Indoor accomodation, activities & meals included.
  • Age limit: 12+
  • From: NOK 2938 per person


  • Indoor accomodation, activities & meals included.
  • Age limit: 10+
  • From: NOK 2768 per person


  • Indoor accomodation, activities & meals included.
  • Age limit: 10+
  • From: NOK 2663 per person


  • Camping in tipi-tents, breakfast & dinner included
  • Age limit: 7+
  • From: NOK 1428 per person


  • Camping in tipi-tents, breakfast & dinner included
  • Age limit: 10+
  • From: NOK 1583 per person


  • Camping in tipi-tents, breakfast & dinner included
  • Age limit: 12+
  • From: NOK 1823 per person


Family rafting
Guided rafting trip for the entire family and a good oppurtunity to do something fun together. In between family friendly rapids you will get the chance to swim in the river, jump off cliffs, play games and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Once you are all dressed in a wetsuit, life jacket and helmet, our bus will take you to the river. There you will get instructions and training, before our experienced guides lead you safely down the river in a controlled and fun manner. This is a great introduction to an exciting activity.

Via Ferrata
Now you can soar in the air with great views of Sjoa and the surrounding mountains. We have made climbing available to more people, and now offer Via Ferrata right behind our base. Wearing a helmet, harness and sling, you can climb the vertical route up towards “Slåfjellet”. The final stage is a 30- meter long balance bridge over a gorge where it is a straight drop of 150 meters. This is optional and the bridge does not have to be crossed to finish the trip. It is a spectacular climbing trail where nature, views and a feeling of mastery are in focus.

Canyoning is a multi-faceted activity that involves making your way through a wet or dry canyon and, depending on the terrain having the chance to swim, rappel, scramble, climb and jump to cover the distance from canyon entry to exit. We have found that children love experiencing the diverse environment of the river, and canyoning is an excellent way to explore its wonderland of natural features like rocky descents, waterfalls and rapids. Our experienced guides provide expert advice, tips on scrambling technique and ropes to lead you down the canyon in a safe and enjoyable way.

Riverboarding is a more physically challenging activity than rafting and one that lets you be as immersed in the river as you can possibly be. It is an individual activity which has you lie on a board with handles, in a full wetsuit with flippers and gloves, helmet and life jacket while you negotiate the rapids in the river. Our guides provide instruction and share techniques for a fun and safe experience. For parents and children looking for an extra challenge and a natural next step from family rafting, we offer family-friendly riverboarding too. These excursions typically take place on the Lågen river, where guests get to try a tough activity in a controlled environment. You will have the opportunity to surf waves and head down rapids under the watchful supervision of our guides, with the approach adjusted to accommodate the ages and skills of the participants.

Qualified guides will lead you in all our activities and we supply the necessary safety equipment. Transport to and from the activity is also included.

Wool or super-underwear to wear underneath the wetsuit on cool days. Running shoes if canyoning and climbing via ferrata.

Your safety is important to us! For that reason, we have good safety routines, very well qualified guides and top equipment.



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**Children below the age of 7 should not raft.
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