Frequantly asked questions


When is the season in Sjoa?
We start the season in May and continue throughout the autumn until Oktober. On request, we can also accept larger group bookings in April and October.
What is the age limit for rafting in Sjoa?
The age limit for our family raft trip is the year that the child turns 7. The age limit for our Sjoa trip is 15 years old.
Will I get wet while rafting?
There is a 100% chance you will at least get splashed.
What equipment does Heidal Rafting supply?
Qualified guides will lead you in all our activities and we supply the necessary safety equipment. Transport to and from the activity is included for most of our trips, but not all of them. You can read more about it in the individual activity description.
What equipment do I need to supply?
Rafting: Bathing suit to wear under your wetsuit, along with wool or thermals on cool days. Do not wear cotton T-shirts or jeans on the river. Also bring a dry change of clothes and a towel if you want to shower after the trip.

Canyoning: Wool or thermals to wear underneath the wetsuit. Do not wear cotton, sweaters or jeans. Wool socks and a pair running shoes. Bring a dry change of clothes and a towel if you want to shower after the trip. Participants should bring a packed lunch, and we provide hot and cold drinks. Due to the logistics, participants may be responsible for their own transport to the canyon.

Via Ferrata: Appropriate clothes according to the weather. Sneakers/ running shoes, a small backpack with snacks and 1,5 litres of water per person.

Riverboard: Bathing suit to wear under your wetsuit, along with wool or thermals. Do not wear cotton T-shirts, sweaters or jeans on the river. Also bring a dry change of clothes and a towel if you want to shower after the trip.

How extreme is "Extreme Canyoning"?
The canyon is not technically challenging, but it contains large abseils, from 20-65 metres. The excursion does not require any prior knowledge, but it is an advantage if participants are familiar with abseiling. Participants should not have a fear of heights.
Is it possible to stay overnight at your site? What is included in the room rate?
We offer tent space, RV parking, tipis, and indoor rooms with a private bathroom. If you want to stay for multiple nights, you can order a package deal where accommodation and meals are all included.

Our indoor rooms are fully equipped with bed linen and towels, and a delicious breakfast buffett is included in the price. It is also possible to book a 3-course dinner in the evening, or buy pizza from the reception.

I have food allergies, and I am vegetarian. Will that be a problem?
No, provided you contact us in good time about any dietary requirements we can easily cater for them.
Will we be riding with strangers or will we have our own raft?
We use rafts which accommodate 6-8 guests and 1 guide. If the group wishes not to share their raft with strangers then the remaining places must be paid for. We do everything we can not to split groups up, but sometimes it is necessary due to safety, water level, skills and numbers. The group leader will decide this on the day.
Can we bring our dog?
Dogs are not allowed to join activities, but they are most welcome at the base. We have a suitable place in the shade where they can wait while you are having fun on activities.

If you are planning to spend the night, be sure to book early. We only have a few rooms where we allow dogs and they are normally fully booked in the peak season. Contact us for more information.

Where is Heidal Rafting located?
Heidal Rafting is situated between Rondane and Jotunheimen national parks. It is in a quiet location near the Sjoa river and surrounded by beautiful nature. It is easy to get to from the E6, and there is free parking on site. If you need assistance with transport, please contact us so we can help you organise it.

Address and meeting point for activities: Åmotsvegen 79, 2670 Otta. (Sjoa, 10 minutes south of Otta)

I am a plus-size adventurer and I have some physical limitations, can I still join in on activities?
We provide equipment from XXS to 6XL, as well as equipment for children.

To ensure that we can accommodate your needs, we recommend contacting us before booking your trip so that we can discuss your situation in advance. By gaining a better understanding of your circumstances, we can make all the necessary preparations.

Will Heidal Rafting cancel activities if it rains?
Rafting, canyoning and river boarding
No, you will get wet anyway! It is great to be on the river in the rain and you can save the sunny days for a hike in the mountains (of which there are many in the area).

Via Ferrata
It depends on the amount of rain, so please call reception to check.

Can we bring alcohol with us? Or be under the influence?
It is not permitted to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during any of our activities.

After the activity, we have licenced areas where we sell alcohol. Outside of these areas you are allowed to bring alcohol with you.

Can we book hot tub after activity?
Yes, please send an email when booking your trip to reserve a hot tub for your group.
How do I book an activity?
You can easily book an activity on our webpage by selecting the trip and date and following the instructions to complete your booking. Please contact us if you need any assistance and we will be happy to help.
I am scared of heights, but can I do the Via Ferrata?
The Via Ferrata is on a vertical wall, so it is steep from the start. You will get a feeling for how the trip will be straight away and there are no unpleasant surprises halfway up. Also, our experienced guides will be there to help you every step of the way.

The wire bridge is at the top of the Via Ferrata, and is optional. So if it is not for you, you can sit back, relax and enjoy watching your friends cross the bridge instead.

How does a school trip to Sjoa work?
Sjoa is perfect for action-packed, memorable days for a school group. We have extensive experience organising accommodation, activities and meals for school groups. We recongise that within a school group there will be a range of prior experiences with outdoor activities, and we can adapt our activity offerings to accommodate this. Please feel free to call us to discuss your expectations and budget, and we will help you find the best package for your school. Rafting on the Sjoa on a school trip is experience the students will not forget in a hurry!



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