Via Ferrata Sjoa – a necessary stop on your journey through Gudbrandsdalen!

Via Ferrata Sjoa is the only Via Ferrata facility in Gudbrandsdalen. It was built in the spring of 2022 by professional mountain climbers and Via Ferrata developers. The facility is therefore complete, well-thought-out, and of the highest quality.

Where? One of the great advantages of Via Ferrata Sjoa is its easy accessibility. The meeting point for the tours is at the Heidal Rafting and Explore Sjoa base, only 2 km from the E6. Here, customers have access to all the facilities they may need, such as camping, overnight accommodation, food service, and other popular activities in Sjoa. Although Sjoa is best known for rafting, there is a wide range of activities, guaranteed to have something for you and your group.
Our tours begin with a meeting at the Heidal Rafting base in Sjoa. Here, participants meet the guides, and everyone is given the necessary safety equipment. At the base, we also have a small training course that we go through before we start the climb.

How? From the base, we drive the participants as far up the mountainside as possible, almost to where the actual climbing begins. This way, you avoid getting completely exhausted before the climbing starts. Once at the wall, we start the approximately 250-meter-long route towards the top. The route is almost vertical all the way up, but without overhangs. When Sjoa Via Ferrata was built, a lot of resources were used to make the most of the natural terrain. Therefore, sometimes you may experience a lack of steps, but here you should use the mountain instead. Our guides are skilled and always there to help if anyone needs it. After just a few meters, you get the feeling of height. The view is impeccable from the first moment, and it only gets better as you work your way up the mountainside. At the top, you are rewarded with a great view over Sjoa and Gudbrandsdalen. Sometimes, we are also lucky enough to see the boats on family rafting far down in Gudbrandsdalslågen. After a short break, those who want to and dare to, can try the balance bridge. It is 40 meters long and 150 meters above the ground. Those who dare to walk across it are rewarded with a huge sense of accomplishment, as it is quite airy! Not everyone wants to do this, and it is not necessary to complete the tour.

How long does it take? A guided tour normally takes between three and four hours from meeting to departure. Most of the time is spent on the activity itself because Sjoa Via Ferrata is right behind the base. If you are only passing through or have an afternoon where you want a short activity, Sjoa Via Ferrata is a good option. If you want to turn the trip into a solid day trip, you can continue the trail to the top of Slåberget. Here, you have a fantastic view of the national parks Rondane to the east and Jotunheimen to the west. We have guided tours both in the morning and in the afternoon, and if you can’t find a tour that suits you, please contact us.

Qualified guides, minimum of two per tour.
New equipment of the highest quality.
Limited groups. Maximum of 15 per tour.
Easy access, only two km. from the E6 (main road), and free parking.
Efficient tour with most time on the wall.
Good facilities at the base.
Possibility for overnight stays and other activities in Sjoa.



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**Children below the age of 7 should not raft.
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